Joshua Broder, who now runs Tilson Technology Management in Portland, says the work ethic, team thinking and the leadership training soldiers receive translate well to civilian jobs.

Joshua Broder and Drew Ludwick served together in the Army in Germany and Afghanistan in the mid-2000s, forming a bond of mutual respect that endured many subsequent years of separation. After the two soldiers parted ways, Broder returned to Maine to work for Portland-based Tilson Technology Management, while Ludwick went on to serve 12 more years in the Army as a warrant officer. Still, they kept in touch.

When Ludwick retired from the Army in 2017 after 20 years in the service, Broder, by then Tilson’s CEO, began dropping serious hints that he wanted Ludwick to come and join the company.

“I was always hopeful we could work together again, and somewhere along the way I think I started sending Maine Magazine to his house in the hopes of tipping his family over to the move to Maine,” Broder said with a chuckle. “It was a psychological operation.”

The operation was a success. Ludwick relocated his family to Maine, where he now works as Tilson’s director of network services.

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(Press Herald News, Nov 2019)