Female Veteran Participants Wanted for Research

Female Veteran Participants Wanted for Research

July, 2022


“Dear All, my name is Leonie, I’m currently studying for a MA in Gender and Politics, and I am writing my dissertation on the Defence Diversity and Inclusion Strategy put in place in the UK in 2018. The aim of my dissertation is to understand how you, as females, experienced the changes and the creation of this strategy. To do so, I would like to interview women that were active during that period, and that left the forces between 2018 and 2022.

Only people above 18 years old will be able to participate, and a consent form will be presented to you prior to any conversation. All information collected will be anonymous, and no secure information will be needed.

I would love to be able to talk about your experience, and understand in more depth your personal perception.

You can contact me at: lmgb22@bath.ac.uk I Look forward to talking with you soon. Leonie”

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