The Centre also manages the Veterans and Families Research (VFR) Hub, a newly-launched, easily-searchable and free-to-use online resource that will deliver a contemporary and authoritative source of UK and international research-related information on military veterans and their families.

The Hub delivers an accessible, contemporary and authoritative source of UK and International research-related resources and literature on military veterans and their families, including transitions to civilian lives, to inform and stimulate research, policy development, improved service delivery and journalistic enquiry. It enables the widest spectrum of academic and lay users to:

  • Search for research and evidence by subject area
  • Interrogate a database of published and ‘grey’ literature
  • Identify researchers and institutions with common interests
  • Work as a community of interest to generate and share ideas and innovations
  • Raise questions and engage in contemporaneous discussions
  • Identify research gaps to facilitate funding and collaborative opportunities

If you have any questions please contact The FiMT Research Centre.