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If you are a veteran or a veteran's family member and would like support, you can contact the Veterans' Gateway on 0808 802 1212 / send an email.

You can find more information on how to access healthcare services and support for veterans or those in the Armed Forces on the NHS website.

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Veterans & Families Research Hub
    • ‘Armed Forces Veterans: A Nation’s Untapped Resource’
      Not long after I wrote my short journal article: ‘Armed Forces Veterans: A Nation’s Untapped Resource’ I read a newspaper report (The Times 19 Jan 2022) which says that veterans will be fast-tracked into prison officer roles in about 50 prisons across England and Wales as part of a recruitment scheme launched by the government.…

      Started by: Jim McDermott in: Education

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    • Education Research
      Is anybody currently conducting research into education within a military context? Would be really interested to hear more, as I am definitely in support of education as a powerful tool for changing lives, but have to say I don’t know a great deal about it in relation to the military. Apart from what I assume… 1 2

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Education

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    • Question on transition experiences for families
      Hi Nick, I am interested to know your thoughts on the experience of transition on family members, rather than the serving person. How do spouses and children cope with transition and does it partly depend on how immersed they have been within the military and military life during service, for instance whether living in SFA,…

      Started by: Chantal Radley in: Forum Takeover

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    • Q2 Nick Wood’s Transition
      What was your military-to-civilian transition like? This question was submitted to us prior to the Forum Takeover. Nick Wood will be with us live on Mon 22nd Feb at 1.30-2.15 to share his thoughts.

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Forum Takeover

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    • Q4 Transition, tribes and veteran identity
      Kristina – I can’t make the event due another commitment. A couple of ? For Nick. We are all tribal – RAF, Army, NAVY – Sqn, Regt, Ship etc etc. 1. What description of ‘us’ most captures the overall tribe? 2. Would ‘those who served’ want to be identified by supporting agencies? A Veteran is…

      Started by: Jeffrey Spencer in: Forum Takeover

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