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If you are a veteran or a veteran's family member and would like support, you can contact the Veterans' Gateway on 0808 802 1212 / send an email.

You can find more information on how to access healthcare services and support for veterans or those in the Armed Forces on the NHS website.

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    • Education Research
      Is anybody currently conducting research into education within a military context? Would be really interested to hear more, as I am definitely in support of education as a powerful tool for changing lives, but have to say I don’t know a great deal about it in relation to the military. Apart from what I assume…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Education

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    • New History Book Suggestion Available Online
      We’ve had a great recommendation from Professor Mike Almond who was alerted to Jessica Meyer’s book ‘An Equal Burden’, which explores the history of the men of the Royal Army Medical Corps in the First World War. Mike was also informed that the book is available to read online for free as an open access…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Book Corner

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    • Finance Snapshot out now
      The FiMT Research Centre’s Finance Snapshot is now available to read on the Hub. This Snapshot summarises financial issues affecting military personnel and veterans who are serving or have served in the full-time UK ‘Regular’ Armed Forces (AF) (except where stated as also applicable to members of the Reserve Forces), as well as their immediate…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Finance

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    • PTSD
      Hello, Does anyone have [F-18]FDDNP-PETscan data on TBI/CTE for Veterans? Or even any functional imaging for complex PTSD cases, which may be PTSD and/or TBI? Thank you

      Started by: Renata Gomes in: Mental Health

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    • Reading Suggestions
      The Forces News website recently made some suggestions of books to read and posted some extended reading pieces to introduce the subject matter around each book. These suggestions may be good for those who enjoy reading about military history. The SAS and Paddy Mayne – The Man Behind The Legend Book: Hamish Ross, ‘Paddy Mayne:…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Book Corner

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    • Book Corner
      Suggestions of books to read – from and for the Hub’s user community. From fiction to fact book, memoirs, academic texts, poetry, plays, there are many different types of literature that explore the varied facets of the Armed Forces.  These reading suggestions are related in some way to the Hub’s themes and topics and include…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Book Corner

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    • Book Corner: Directory of Recommendations
      Attached to this post is the directory of recommendations. We have some excellent suggestions from Jim McDermott to start us off in Book Corner – thank you Jim, I look forward to working my way through your suggestions. It seems for now that the best way to display the recommendations are in a Word doc…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Book Corner

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    • Research Funding Proposals
      Hi all, We would like to be able to share examples of research funding proposals to share good practice and assist those who are considering applying for funding. Here are some links to what we have found so far, although these examples are not directly relevant to themes relating to veterans and their families. We…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Relationships / Perception / Communication

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    • Wellbeing and transition
      Evidence is emerging from Canada (Life After Service Study) the USA (the Veterans Measurement Initiative) and Australia (Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme) about the wellbeing of service personnel during the peri-transition period. What do we know though about wellbeing and transition in the UK context? To date, most of the work has focused on the…

      Started by: Matt Fossey in: Well-being

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    • Employment and Transition
      Many of us are aware that securing appropriate employment is a big part of the transition process that people undergo when they leave the military. Is anybody currently researching in this area? What can we do to help people find the right employment?

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Employment

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