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If you are a veteran or a veteran's family member and would like support, you can contact the Veterans' Gateway on 0808 802 1212 / send an email.

You can find more information on how to access healthcare services and support for veterans or those in the Armed Forces on the NHS website.

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    • CIMVHR Forum 2019
      Hello all, So, who is going to the CIMVHR Forum in Ottawa-Gatineau this year in October? CIMVHR is a key international conference to attend for anyone who works in fields relating to or involving veterans and their families. The Forum works to engage existing academic research resources, facilitate new research, increase research capacity and foster…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Site Matters/Other

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    • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
      We have just completed our first review report on mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) in Service Personnel. This report analyses: -the definition and classification of the condition. -its prevalence rates, specifically in relation to the US, the UK and Canada. -its markers and long-term consequences. -its comorbidity with other disorders. -approaches towards treatment. The report…

      Started by: The Health of Veterans’ Research Team in: Physical Health

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    • Snapshot Military Families
      New Snapshot and Bullets summary published today on military families, from colleagues at the FiMT Research Centre. All available Snapshots, Bullets and Animations can be found on the Research Summaries page. Have a read and we’d love to know what you think. Thanks

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Snapshot Feedback

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    • Snapshot Housing Animation
      Hi all, Today the VFR Hub launches our first animation video, which outlines key facts and figures related to housing for the UK’s Armed Forces community. The video serves as an introduction to Snapshot Housing, which is a plain language summary of research and evidence relating to the UK Armed Forces and veteran community. This video…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Housing

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    • Employment and Transition
      Many of us are aware that securing appropriate employment is a big part of the transition process that people undergo when they leave the military. Is anybody currently researching in this area? What can we do to help people find the right employment?

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Employment

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    • Wellbeing and transition
      Evidence is emerging from Canada (Life After Service Study) the USA (the Veterans Measurement Initiative) and Australia (Transition and Wellbeing Research Programme) about the wellbeing of service personnel during the peri-transition period. What do we know though about wellbeing and transition in the UK context? To date, most of the work has focused on the…

      Started by: Matt Fossey in: Well-being

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    • A Good Read – ‘RECOVERY- by army veteran Russell Wright
      The key and important message from this interesting and moving book is neatly captured in its sub title: “There is help for Veterans and their families. You just have to be ready to take it. PTSD is not the end. Russell’s story reads in places like a Victorian melodrama as he describes his fall from…

      Started by: Jim McDermott in: Mental Health

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    • New users – why not introduce yourselves
      As the Veterans & Families Research Hub is new, and probably more so when it is fully established, it will be helpful for new users to post something about themselves, their requirements and research interests. In this way we can start to link up people who may be useful and interesting to each other. Attachments:You… 1 2

      Started by: Alex Cooper in: Welcome

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    • Research Summaries Page
      Hi all, We’ve got a growing collection of Snapshots and Bullets summaries that are now housed on the Research Summaries page, to help you find easily all the available Snapshots and Bullets summaries on themes relating to UK veterans and their families. The page will grow as more Snapshots, Bullets and animations are released to…

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Snapshot Feedback

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      VETERANS RESEARCH When I completed my doctoral thesis in 2007 I was able to write that, whilst there was considerable research into the plight of US veterans, very little work had been published up until then on the lives and stories of British armed forces veterans. Since 2007 there has been a considerable increase in…

      Started by: Jim McDermott in: Training

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    • Helping Veterans and Families find appropriate housing
      A representative from RBL fed back at a meeting today that one of the main areas veterans are seeking support from the Veterans’ Gateway organisation is in housing. Is anybody researching into this area? What research can we do to better understand what support families need?

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Housing

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    • Let down by the Veterans Agency (UK)
      Hello I would be interested to hear if anyone else is being treated by the Veterans Agency in the way described below: A brief History October 2017- in receipt of 50% disability veterans pension for Chronic Pain Syndrome (Nerve damage post Spinal injury), an attempt to return to work, saw a major flare up, resulting…

      Started by: Duncan in: Mental Health

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