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    • The Arts and Military Themes/Issues
      What can the arts offer us when it comes to exploring military themes and issues, and can the arts promote The Arcola Theatre in London has been showing Mike Bartlett’s play Not Talking The company performing the play would like to start some discussions around the themes and topics that the play explores We are hoping that some members of the company will join us on the Hub, introduce themselves and begin some This topic was modified 2 weeks, 4 days ago by  Kristina Fleuty

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Relationships / Perception / Communication

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    • Funding Conversations and Opportunities
      What have you learnt from past experiences of applying for veterans and families-related research funding? Without giving away all Also, FiMT advertise funding opportunities for mental health related research here. Each opportunity has specific criteria. You can also apply

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Site Matters/Other

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    • Research Support
      The Forces in Mind Research Centre has a new website. The FiMT Research Centre is a UK-based facility for As part of its remit, the Centre provides advice and support to charities and others who are engaged in or You can visit the Research Centre’s website and find out more:

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Site Matters/Other

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    • Employment and Transition
      Many of us are aware that securing appropriate employment is a big part of the transition process that people undergo Is anybody currently researching in this area? What can we do to help people find the right employment

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Employment

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    • Soldiers Arts Academy: Soldier On play
      I would like to welcome the Soldiers’ Arts Academy to the VFR Hub! We are hoping that some members The Soldiers’ Arts Academy allow serving and ex-serving personnel to participate in the creative and performing arts, using ‘Soldier On’ is an upcoming play and one of the Academy’s current projects. The play’ “What happens when a company of ex-soldiers becomes a company of actors? A theatrical band of brothers. Although ‘Soldier On’ is written/directed by Jonathan Guy Lewis and produced by Amanda Faber. The play is going You can find out more about the play by visiting: The work of the This topic was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by  Kristina Fleuty. This topic was modified 4 months, 1

      Started by: Kristina Fleuty in: Relationships / Perception / Communication

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