Researchers, led by Professor Cherie Armour in the School of Psychology at Ulster University, are interested in finding out more about the health and well-being of military veterans living in Northern Ireland (NI). The project is important because in comparison to other countries, including England, Scotland, and Wales little is known about life after military service in NI, nor about the current and future needs of the veteran group residing here.  A veteran is someone who has served in the regular British Armed Forces  or reserves for at least one day, and no longer serve.

The NI Veteran Health and Well-being Study has been running to for two years and has already brought together valuable evidence about current support offered to Northern Ireland Veterans  (see a number of important published reports which can be viewed on the following website:

Your CONTRIBUTIONS MATTER because it is ONLY your experiences and opinions that will help build a picture about the current health and wellbeing of veterans in NI. Your participation will allow the researchers to gather robust evidence which policy-makers and service providers can use to develop flexible and responsive statutory and voluntary services, particularly MH services.  All information provided is kept strictly confidential, with anonymity assured.

If you would like to know more about the survey, or the overall project, you can either contact and/or Dr Debbie Roy

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