How it Works

The Veterans & Families Research Hub is built around an index and map of current and historic research into a variety of themes:

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Housing and Accomodation

Physical Health

Mental Health


Criminal Justice System/Legal


The index is easily searchable, using common internet methods, and enables users to find material relevant to their enquiry quickly and simply.  Search results are easily tailored and each item offers a summary of the research in accessible language, key data about the research and a link directly to the source material on the web.  In parallel with the index is a 3D map providing a snapshot of existing research, highlighting themes and topics where there is scope for new or further research.

In addition to the research functions, the Hub will develop a series of short lay-language summaries of research plus videos, graphics and animations to enable busy users to comprehend key issues in formats suitable for sharing.

The Hub also includes a range of tools for communication, including: themed discussion boards, direct mail, a register and network of experts, a calendar of events, and links to news, insights and relevant social/professional media sites.  These tools will help to connect and inform those with similar interests within and across organisations and disciplines.  The veteran stakeholder community is large and dispersed, and opportunities to share knowledge widely, coherently and on an enduring basis are limited. The Hub will enable improved distribution of information and the promotion of best practice by encouraging discussion and collaboration across communities of interest.