King’s College London is running a research project that looks at how challenging experiences during military service can impact wellbeing. Taking part involves completing a survey which takes around 15 minutes and is 100% anonymous and confidential. The project is funded by Forces in Mind Trust and has full ethical approval. Our goal is to understand better the types of challenges personnel can face during service and, ultimately, ensure better support is available.

KCL will explore both veterans’ and clinicians’ experiences of moral injury, its impact, and the need for formal or informal support following a moral injury.  King’s therefore need to be able to attract veterans to complete their online survey.  To date there has been a lot of interest and from veterans with moral injury, but not so many from veterans who have had a traumatic experience but do not believe they have suffered moral injury (ie the control group).

To ensure our results are generalisable to UK veterans across all walks of life, we would be very grateful if you would share our study across your organisation as widely as possible.

Our survey and more information can be accessed via this link: