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    Excellent – looking forward to hearing more suggestions from you in due course, Jim!


    Excellent, thanks Graham. We’ll have a good look at these suggestions and get them incorporated into the directory list as well.


    Hi Jim,

    I’ve now put your suggestions (thank you!) up in book corner to start us off and hopefully we can generate some more interest in the idea soon!




    Hi Jim,

    Well, I didn’t get much more interest originally from anyone other than you and I…however, I know you sent me some reviews/suggestions that I would still like to share…and, considering the ‘stay at home’ period we have moved into, now might be a good time to try and so something with this idea again. It would fit in well with people doing more home-based activities in the evenings etc and the suggestion of reading material might be calming for some people, and a good exercise for the old intellect as well!

    I think I will resurrect the idea using your excellent suggestions to start with. Then also go back to my own. Thanks for the prompt.

    Hope you are keeping well, Jim.



    Thanks for sharing this info, Chris. We will definitely follow updates on your website to keep up with what you are doing in GM. I love the animation you folks have put together!! I think it’s a really engaging and humorous way to get the message out about the Covenant work. We will flag this via our social media etc.


    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing with us information on your research. Sounds really interesting and I like the idea you had of sharing preliminary findings in a video.

    If it’s okay with you we’ll include a link to your insight report in the Hub’s repository as well. This will allow Hub users to find your report when they search for related terms/topics.

    We’ve also shared your video on Twitter and look forward to seeing more about your research in the future as it progresses.




    Great minds must think alike, Jim, as I was also just typing out a reply to Claire!

    Thanks for getting in touch, Claire. I second Jim’s reply – if you have any links to your research or other work you’ve done then do feel free to share and we can help promote/tweet etc. We also accept guest blog posts if you’d like to advertise any aspects of your work a little more or gain support for anything else you are doing.

    We also have colleagues who are involved with the Service Children’s Progression (SCiP) Alliance, so there might be some interesting parallels there in the future when you publish your research.


    Thanks for sharing these references, Jim – I’ll make sure these are also included in the Hub’s repository.


    I look forward to reading your paper, Jim!


    Thanks Jim! Glad you think it’s useful.


    Thanks for the update, Nick. Really useful information to share with us. Looking forward to the upcoming report!

    With all this great work you are doing, Nick, my only thought is what could you possibly have up your sleeve to top this in the future?!?

    Really enjoyed your conference in York the other week as well!


    Hi all,

    Natalie is a PhD student at Loughborough (UK University) and is conducting research into the use of feedback to improve lower limb amputee rehabilitation.

    Natalie says, “I am currently recruiting male or female unilateral transtibial amputees (please see the attached poster for further information) to undertake one, five hour test protocol. The protocol consists of 20 minutes of both overground and treadmill walking at the participants chosen speed and some maximal muscular effort against a restraint whilst seated. As well as being a great opportunity for participants to help advance lower limb rehabilitation, all participants will receive a report of their walking characteristics.”

    See attached poster for more information.


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    The South Yorkshire Armed Forces Covenant Project sought to map the AF community across their region.

    Project report

    First year impact available on the Hub detailing AF project and The Military Human training.

    As part of the South Yorkshire Local Authorities Armed Forces project, York St John University runs ‘The Advantage’ suite of training courses and as part of this offer, ‘The Military Human‘ study days are proving very popular across the UK.

    Within the South Yorkshire region, Sheffield City Council, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Doncaster Council have all committed to the Armed Forces Covenant and are active in their work with the AF community.


    London VAPC is active and running training on housing for veterans, which many London boroughs have already attended.

    Does anyone have more information about the work of the London VAPC?


    Forces Connect South East

    Run training across the UK for council staff, to raise awareness of the Armed Forces Community.

    Are innovating new ways of communicating with the AF and civilian communities about what Forces Connect can offer, such as via the use of a mobile app.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)