Pathfinder Magazine reports that Forces in Mind Trust has awarded funds of £183, 930 to the King’s Centre for Military Health Research to undertake a two-year study to examine employment and finances across the transition process as personnel leave the Armed Forces and transition to civilian life, with a particular focus on the role mental health…

Researchers will provide a comprehensive picture of the economic aspects of transition, including how mental health, as well as pre-enlistment factors and Service history, affect economic trajectories and the experiences of potentially at-risk groups.

The study will expand current research by tracking both positive and negative changes in socio-economic status, including a focus on certain groups who historically have demonstrated less successful outcomes (i.e. women, Early Service Leavers, and Reserves), to gain a holistic understanding of the pathways of economic transition and how these relate to mental health and wellbeing.

This work involves assessment of several large datasets and will be supported by a series of interviews. Findings from the project will inform statutory, military and charitable bodies on how to best ensure all ex-Service personnel gain rewarding employment and can avoid the pitfalls that lead to a poor economic transition. (Pathfinder News, 5th March 2019)

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