Outline of project

The research team are looking for veterans who have experienced an event during their military service which led them to question their actions, the actions of others, or the kind of person they are. These types of events can cause some people to experience mental health difficulties which can be very difficult to treat. They are designing a new treatment to help with mental health problems that can be experienced after these types of events. Before delivering the treatment to patients, the team are keen to hear from veterans about their views of the treatment and whether any changes might be needed.

Taking part will involve:

– filling in a short questionnaire (approx. 15 minutes)
– a confidential interview (approx. 60 minutes) about your views of the draft treatment manual. discuss their experience and their views on the treatment module.

Participants will not receive treatment as part of participating in this portion of the study.

Participation is anonymous & confidential.

Contact email victoria.williamson@kcl.ac.uk