Participants wanted for research into veterans’ post-military job satisfaction

Participants wanted for research into veterans’ post-military job satisfaction

August, 2021


Mike Bates is studying an MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology at Kingston University London.

“I am conducting research for my master’s dissertation, for which I will be exploring what factors influence the perceived level of post-military job satisfaction in transitioning military members. This research will be quantitative, using an online survey platform (Qualtrics).

As a military veteran myself, I fully appreciate the challenges faced by service leavers as they transition from a life of service into a civilian career. I hope to highlight some of the factors influencing career transitions using empirically proven scales and measures. I will look to make recommendations considering my findings. I also feel it is important for my research to add to a largely under-researched area of career transition.

I am looking for military veterans who have made the transition into a civilian career/job in the past 10 years. I wanted to ask for your support in promoting this research. My research requires participants to complete a questionnaire (15 minutes). Full instructions are contained within the questionnaire and all participants take part voluntarily. I am trying to obtain as large a sample size as possible. I will look to share my findings once I have conducted my research.”

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Mike Bates, Ex 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, ‘The Poachers’