The new report from Deloitte, ‘Veterans Work: Moving On‘, follows the 2016 Veterans Work report, which highlighted the wealth of potential and skills in the ex-service personnel talent pool and the commercial benefits to the organisations who hire them. The aim of this second study was to examine the factors that motivate veterans when making the transition from the military to the civilian job market, as well as alert Corporate UK to these factors, so that ultimately they can do more to positively impact veteran transition support and recruitment.

The study’s findings have already been widely reported and received a positive media response:

The Evening Standard leads with the report’s finding that ‘Military service ‘improves jobseekers’ chances of finding work’.

The Sun highlights the finding that, ‘compared to the national average, more vets were in full-time work and more vets with mental health issues were in work’. draws attention to the study’d finding that number of veterans finding employment is higher than the national average.