The Unique Benefits of Employing Veterans

The Unique Benefits of Employing Veterans

February, 2020


The Forces Network has been taking a look at the benefits and transferable skills that veterans bring to the work-place. 

Attention to detail, discipline and time-management are drilled into recruits from the very start of basic training but you would be surprised how many civilians struggle with even the basics of turning up to work on time.

Military service naturally entails early starts, irregular and long hours, working in unpleasant conditions and having the dedication and commitment to getting the job done but unfortunately, many civilians won’t understand what military service entails and the benefits of having veterans in the workplace.

Your CV, covering letter, application form and interviews are all opportunities to show future employers your unique skill-set and the value you can bring to their organisation.

Civilianise Your Skillset

This is extremely important but easy to get wrong. Don’t use military acronyms or jargon. There is a civilian equivalent to everything you do in the forces so make sure you find out what it is.

Soldiers, sailors and airmen become staff, employees, workforce or team. Weapons, vehicles and uniform become equipment (mechanical, electronic or heavy), supplies and logistics. A tank crewman becomes a heavy systems operator, a combat operation is a hazardous environment and reconnaissance could become data collection and analysis.

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