The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) has launched a new project to celebrate 100 years of tending to the gardens of remembrance around the world.

‘Gardening Then And Now’, launched to coincide with National Gardening Week (27 April – 5 May), tells the stories of the staff who created some of the world’s most recognisable gardens of remembrance. Peter Francis from the CWGC said that for many veterans, gardening has become a form of therapy.

As well as gardeners of the past, current staff are also being celebrated. One of those being celebrated is Wayne Harrod who looks after the graves of 1,008 servicemen and women in Cambridge City Cemetery. After an injury and the loss of his leg, Mr Harrod left the forces and got a diploma in Horticulture. “When you meet the families that come over and they bring pictures… you learn more about the [veterans laid to rest],” he explained.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has honoured the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First and Second World Wars.

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(Forces Network News, 29th April 2019)