Book Corner Suggestion: ‘Mum’s Army’ Love and Adventure

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    Hi all,

    We’ve had an excellent book corner suggestion from Dr Jim McDermott. This sounds an interesting read and thanks for the recommendation Jim!

    ‘Mum’s Army’ Love and Adventure from the NAAFI to Civvy Street by Winifred Phillips (2013)

    Simon and Schuster UK Ltd. ISBN 13579108642.

    Jim writes: “Mum’s Army records the early life and full military career story of Winifred Phillips. It is an example of a lady who forged a successful career in the army (the ATS and then the WRAC) followed by a successful transition to civilian life. It is inspiring and in parts a love story and a sad story as well as documenting in detail army life in a period when the outposts of a shrinking British Empire still provided a host of exotic postings in foreign parts. The book is also a rare example of writing by a female veteran of a time before women were fully integrated fully into the British armed forces.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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