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    Suggestions of books to read – from and for the Hub’s user community.

    From fiction to fact book, memoirs, academic texts, poetry, plays, there are many different types of literature that explore the varied facets of the Armed Forces.  These reading suggestions are related in some way to the Hub’s themes and topics and include many different forms of writing. Our aim is to include reading suggestions for both pleasure and professional use.

    We aim to continue expanding our repertoire of suggestions on an ongoing basis. Please do send us your suggestions by either replying to this topic, Tweet us @VFRHub or email

    If you make a suggestion, it would be helpful to have one or two lines on why you are recommending the book. If you are interested in writing a longer book review, we also feature reviews on the Hub’s blog. Email us to discuss your ideas.





    Hi Kristina,
    I see there is still a lot of space for books in the book corner, did the idea not take off?


    Hi Jim,

    Well, I didn’t get much more interest originally from anyone other than you and I…however, I know you sent me some reviews/suggestions that I would still like to share…and, considering the ‘stay at home’ period we have moved into, now might be a good time to try and so something with this idea again. It would fit in well with people doing more home-based activities in the evenings etc and the suggestion of reading material might be calming for some people, and a good exercise for the old intellect as well!

    I think I will resurrect the idea using your excellent suggestions to start with. Then also go back to my own. Thanks for the prompt.

    Hope you are keeping well, Jim.



    Hi Jim,

    I’ve now put your suggestions (thank you!) up in book corner to start us off and hopefully we can generate some more interest in the idea soon!




    Hi Kris,

    How about the attached? Lots of the ‘gang’ featured in the second ref!



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    Excellent, thanks Graham. We’ll have a good look at these suggestions and get them incorporated into the directory list as well.


    Sorry, should have mentioned above that the embedded links should take you to the relevant ‘blurb’, which ought to indicate utility/interest much more effectively than a couple of lines from me!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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