Employment and Transition

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    Many of us are aware that securing appropriate employment is a big part of the transition process that people undergo when they leave the military.

    Is anybody currently researching in this area? What can we do to help people find the right employment?


    There is plenty of support available for people, the problem is making sure that people are aware of the support that is available to them, and that they access it at the appropriate time. Although military provided support is time limited, charitable support generally is not. In this day and age, it is unlike that veterans will only have two careers, one military and one civilian, and so will need this support at multiple times during their working lives. It would be interesting to know how much is unspent from ELC funds available during/after discharge. Perhaps a FOI request to the MOD would be useful?


    Thanks for your response, Chris.

    That’s interesting – maybe sometimes we think of transition as being that period of time occurring directly after leaving the military. Whereas actually, as you point out, that support might be needed at a later point, or multiple times. Maybe the transition process lasts a lot longer into a person’s working life…

    Anybody else got any thoughts on transition?


    yes our research in Canada suggests that the period of transition can last a few years to a lifetime. Chris is right about not falling into the assumption that it is finding one job after service. In Canada only 40% of Veterans remain with the same employer after the first three years post release. We are doing quite a bit of research on Veteran employment in Canada. Much of it has been posted to this section. Attached is the research that has been conducted in Veterans Affairs Canada since 1992. There is a section on employment.

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    Thanks for your contribution, Mary Beth. That 40% figure is interesting…

    Thanks also for the attachment. I’ll link to this on the Hub’s Research Repository as well, if that’s okay with you.


    Hi, I’ve started a PhD research project looking into employment transitions of Australian army reservists who deploy on operations and are expected to quickly slip back into their old lives when they get back. My exploratory study is revealing the difficulties many of them face, as well as poor level of support they are getting from government and the community in general. I’ve just released my preliminary findings https://youtu.be/OqbSFdVp0Mc. The ShoutOUT website (sponsored by Melbourne Legacy) also has an insights report that some researchers might find interesting wwww.shoutout.org.au.

    Next step for my research is a participatory action research project to work with leading ex-service organisations(mainly Legacy and RSL), veterans and family members to co-design and evaluate support programs for reservists in transition. I’m particularly interested in online tools, and tools that build self-awareness around identity and ego-coherence.


    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing with us information on your research. Sounds really interesting and I like the idea you had of sharing preliminary findings in a video.

    If it’s okay with you we’ll include a link to your insight report in the Hub’s repository as well. This will allow Hub users to find your report when they search for related terms/topics.

    We’ve also shared your video on Twitter and look forward to seeing more about your research in the future as it progresses.




    Hi Kristina,

    Lovely to hear from you.

    Thanks for sharing the preliminary report, and please feel free to add the insights report to the repository.



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