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    The Forces News website recently made some suggestions of books to read and posted some extended reading pieces to introduce the subject matter around each book. These suggestions may be good for those who enjoy reading about military history.

    The SAS and Paddy Mayne – The Man Behind The Legend
    Book: Hamish Ross, ‘Paddy Mayne: Lt Col Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne, 1 SAS Regiment’, The History Press.

    The Day The SAS Became Famous: Operation Nimrod And The Iranian Embassy
    Books: Gregory Fremont-Barnes, ‘Who Dares Wins: The SAS And The Iranian Embassy Siege 1980’ and James Shortt ‘The Special Air Service’. For more military history, visit Osprey Publishing.

    Why Is Afghanistan ‘The Graveyard Of Empires’?
    For illustrated histories of the British wars in Afghanistan, read ‘The First Anglo Afghan War 1839-42: invasion, catastrophe and retreat’ by Richard Macrory, ‘The Anglo-Afghan Wars 1839-1919’ by Gregory Fremont-Barnes and ‘The British Army in Afghanistan 2006-14’ by Leigh Neville. Visit Osprey Publishing for more military history.
    For more about the history of Afghanistan, read ‘Afghanistan: A Military History from Alexander the Great to the War Against the Taliban’ by Stephen Tanner, ‘Afghanistan: A Cultural and Political History’ by Thomas Barfield, ‘Unwinnable: Britain’s War in Afghanistan, 2001 – 2014’ by Theo Farrell, and ‘The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East’ by Robert Fisk, or watch ‘Afghanistan: The Great Game’ with Rory Stewart. For Marcus Luttrell’s full account of his mission, also read ‘Lone Survivor’.

    Passchendaele: Britain’s Most Controversial WW1 Battle
    For more, read ‘Passchendaele: A New History’ by Nick Lloyd. Ken Hills’ ‘World War I’ provides a pictorial history suitable for children of any service personnel, while ‘Great Battles of World War I’ by Anthony Livesey and Osprey’s ‘Passchendaele And the Battles of Ypres 1914-18’ by Martin Marix Evans, ‘FE 2b/d vs Albatros Scouts’ by James F Miller and ‘The Vickers-Maxim Machine Gun’ by Martin Pegler provide visual histories of the period and weapons for adults. Visit Osprey Publishing’s website for more military history.

    Soldiers’ Eye Views Of The Somme
    To learn more about the Battle of the Somme, read ‘British Infantryman vs German Infantryman Somme 1916’ by Stephen Bull, or ‘Somme 1 July 1916 Tragedy and Triumph’ by Andrew Robertshaw. For more on trench warfare, read ‘World War I Trench Warfare (1) 1914-16’ and ‘World War I Trench Warfare (2) 1916-18’ by Dr Stephen Bull. For more on military history, visit Osprey Publishing.

    WWI Desert Rats And The Origins Of Special Forces
    Read ‘Masters of Mayhem’ by military historian and combat archaeologist James Stejskal for more.

    The Avro Lancaster In All Its Glory: Stats And Facts
    To learn more about Operation Chastise, read Osprey’s ‘Raid 16 Dambusters Operation Chastise 1943’ by Doug Dildy.

    How The Royal Air Force Was Born
    For more, read ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’ by Joshua Levine (also known as ‘Fighter Heroes of WWI: The untold story of the brave and daring pioneer airmen of the Great War’) – click here for the audiobook.
    For a pictorial history of the First World War that is suitable for the children of any servicemen or women, get ‘World War I’ by Ken Hills from Cherrytree Press Ltd.


    Jim McDermott
    Education & Training Expert
    Perception & Communication

    Some interesting titles here; clearly matters military are keeping a lot of writers busy. I am reading a couple of of tomes at the moment – applying my own doctrine of only recommending book I have actually read and Lockdown certainly helps!


    Excellent – looking forward to hearing more suggestions from you in due course, Jim!

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