Helping Veterans and Families find appropriate housing

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    A representative from RBL fed back at a meeting today that one of the main areas veterans are seeking support from the Veterans’ Gateway organisation is in housing.

    Is anybody researching into this area? What research can we do to better understand what support families need?


    Hi Kristina
    We’re starting a FiMT-funded project in the new year, which is focused on housing outcomes for ex-forces personnel. We’re particularly focusing on the issue of collaboration (or lack of it) between the various organisations involved – i.e. local authorities, housing associations, military charities, non-military charities, MoD, etc.
    We’re aiming to do a number of case studies across the UK, looking at how organisations collaborate to meet the housing needs of ex-forces personnel, particularly during the transition period.
    Let me know if you’d like any more info.


    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Excellent – do attach any information you’ve got about your upcoming project, or direct us to appropriate links that can tell us more. We would love to help publicise your research on the Hub and can also write news/blog posts if you want to get the word out about what it is you are doing.




    Hi Kristina

    That would be great if you could help publicise our research. I’ve attached a one-page summary of the project which we’re using to tell people what we’re doing. This is pretty thin, so don’t publish it on the Hub at the moment! I’m aiming to get some better info online early in the New Year, so I’ll give you a shout then – would be good to get a link through from the VFR Hub and I’d also be keen to do some blog posts later on, as we progress with the research.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the information, looks an interesting project. Look forward to making contact in the new year. You can also email me or the Hub if you would like to chat through ideas for research publicity on the Hub etc.




    Thanks Kristina. I’ll be in touch again in the new year.

    All the best


    hi both

    I’d like to introduce myself my name is Kate Sheehan and I started working at the Veterans Gateway housing officer on 04.02.2019 any information that you think may help me and my colleagues within our role would be greatly appreciated, also like wise any information you require please do not hesitate to contact me

    thanks both



    Hi Kate,

    Congratulations on your new role at the Veterans Gateway! Thanks for sharing your contact information.

    Sounds as if Steve’s project could be a good one for your team to be aware of. I’ll make sure I share any publicity/information Steve passes our way regarding his project.

    I’ll also just mention that we have a Snapshot on Housing here on the Hub , which seeks to give a basic summary/overview of housing options for the Armed Forces community, including in-Service personnel/veterans and their families.



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