Let down by the Veterans Agency (UK)


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    I would be interested to hear if anyone else is being treated by the Veterans Agency in the way described below:

    A brief History

    October 2017- in receipt of 50% disability veterans pension for Chronic Pain Syndrome (Nerve damage post Spinal injury), an attempt to return to work, saw a major flare up, resulting in hospitalization with drugs. Self discharged after 16 days, i applied to the VA for Mobility Support as I was unable to get about.

    May 2018 – Yes, you did read correctly. I have waited all this time for ANYTHING to happen. A Doctor makes a home visit.
    June 2018- My claim for Mobility Support is denied. I immediately appeal the decision.

    August 2018 – VA begins re assessing my current claim for 50% disability. Still nothing heard regarding my appeal for Mobility Support. I inform the VA that my situation remains unchanged and will continue to do so for life! I back this up with evidence of hospital visits, physio and statement from King Edward VII hospital post Pain Management Course that I went on courtesy of Supporting Wounded Veterans.

    November 2018 – VA write to me stating their decision to reduce my pension to 30%. This means that I have lost my ALSO (A Lower Standard of Income) allowance, reducing my pension of £650 per month to £220.00 a month – I am now paid the same amount as someone claiming unemployment benefit, despite the fact that my injuries prevent me returning to work. I appeal this decision and ask for the reasons why my pension has been cut.

    December 2018 – Still no news on my appeal for Mobility Support.

    It is 5 weeks since I asked for the reasons for my pension being cut. But i am told it takes effect from the 18th December 2018.

    So, as of today, I have no home and £55 a week to live on. This is my Christmas present from the Veterans Agency. I have written letters to my MP, John Bercow. His response is to tell me he has written to Amber Rudd, MP, Department of Work and Pensions. I do not know why. I had asked him to make a representation to the Veterans Agency to speed up my appeal for Mobility Support AND now my appeal against the 66% cut to my pension.

    Are there others out there that the Veteran’s Agency are riding roughshod over?

    This is a brief summary. I have tape recorded conversations with the Veterans Agency, copies of letters sent to them and MP and responses.

    If anyone else has had a similar experience or can suggest a strategy for combating this treatment, please let me know.


    Hi Duncan, have you approached your local veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee for advice? https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/veterans-advisory-and-pensions-committees-x13

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