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    As the Veterans & Families Research Hub is new, and probably more so when it is fully established, it will be helpful for new users to post something about themselves, their requirements and research interests. In this way we can start to link up people who may be useful and interesting to each other.

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    Hi, I’m Hilary and I work as a researcher in the Veterans and Families Institute (VFI). My current research is in partnership with Blesma, and is exploring the veteran and family experience of living with limb loss. The findings will be reported early 2018, and will help to inform how best to support families and veterans well being.
    Other interests include exploring the social contract between the military/veterans – the ethic of reciprocity. Do contact me for further discussions.


    Hi everyone,

    I am a research assistant within the Veterans and Families Institute (VFI) at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). I am currently assisting on the Blesma Families Study, which explores the impact of limb loss on veterans and their families.

    More broadly I explore the following research themes within a veterans/families context: the impact of military life, communicating traumatic experiences, identity, transition, war/post war fiction, the individual and the collective, and the relationship between the body, mind and technology.

    I combine qualitative and literary research into the human experience. I am interested in the interdisciplinary nature of comparative world literature, specifically its interaction with the social sciences, arts and humanities. I see story as a central point of intersection between the disciplines; both literary and qualitative research approaches are used to better understand people’s experiences through what they write, what they say and the mediums through which they choose to tell their story.

    I am fairly new to the field of veterans and families research and so this Hub will be an excellent resource for me, both for finding specific research and also discovering more generally what is current within areas of military research and discussion.


    Thank you for telling me about this hub. My name is Kate Hendricks Thomas and I’m a military health researcher and public health professor in Charleston, SC. A veteran of the Marine Corps, I am deeply invested in making the reintegration process easier for service members. A great way to reach me is via my website,


    Hi Kate, great to meet you in Toronto and glad you have found time to register and visit. It’s early days for the Hub but I hope you can see the potential.


    Hello, everyone. Congratulations to the VFR Hub team on this important initiative.
    My name’s Graeme Hodgson and I am a Partnership Development Manager for Anglia Ruskin University (Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education). I am particularly interested in connecting with businesses who would like to support the groundbreaking work we do in investigating and improving the quality of life and opportunities for veterans and their families, as well as with grant funding bodies. If other researchers are aware of opportunities to submit collaborative bids involving provision of consultancy, contract research, product development (including apps for veterans and/or their families), training or awareness-raising workshops, I would be happy to discuss possibilities for partnership with you.

    I can be contacted at and am based in Cambridge, UK. Also frequently available in London and Chelmsford, Essex.


    Greetings to all,

    Delighted to have come across this excellent resource. I served for 24 years with the British Army, primarily in bomb disposal, counter-terrorist search and weapons intelligence. For the past five years I’ve been running holistic wellbeing programs in the corporate sector with a view to reducing levels of stress and fatigue.

    Earlier this year I set up Motion To Mind™, a wellbeing service with the focus on outdoor physical activity, particularly in nature, as an effective means of dealing with common mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

    As a Heartmath coach I teach groups and individuals how to build resilience and utilise innovative tools such as heart focused breathing to restore homeostasis. Furthermore I’m about to launch a unique Heart Rate Varibiity monitoring service which offers a window into our physiology, highlights how we react to stressors and how effectively we recover.

    I work with veterans and the corporate sector, running retreats, providing health check services, stress management and much more.

    I welcome the opportunity to engage with academia, charitable organisations, case management organisations and private individuals. Research interests include exercise as medicine for anxiety, deperession, PTSD and stress. Dealing with the transition from military to civi street.

    Feel free to contact me:


    Hi John,

    Welcome to the Hub! It’s early days and the community of users will take time to grow; meanwhile we will keep adding useful content and telling people – please do spread the word.


    Hi. I’m a newbie here. My name is Lucy, a nutrition student and also a passionate writer of ( ). I wrote some articles to blog platforms. Actually, I also research when in terms of health especially mental health. A healthy mind comes with a healthy body. I’m really into reading forums and I’m happy to be part of this family.


    Hi Lucy, glad you found us. We are always happy to link to relevant blog posts.


    I’m Andy Bacon and lead the NHS England armed forces central team. We commission health services for the serving and others registered with MOD medical Centres (i.e. families and mobilised reservists) in England. We also seek to influence and sometimes commission services for veterans, families and non-mobilised reservists, who are mainly the responsibility of the local NHS clinical commissioning groups. I am also undertaking a post graduate certificate in global health to further my voluntary work in India and Africa.


    Hi, My name is Jeff Spencer, I was a serving RAF Aircrew Officer for a full career, and now work for the Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee (VAPC) in the SW. We are an independant Advisor on Veteran Issues with formal groups, including, but not exclusively MOD. We work to the Defence Minister for Personnel and Veterans, Tobias Ellwood. I have recent and long service experience in producing a very mature all encompassing intelligence and tactics portal for UK Defence. I now sit on the Veterans Gateway Stakeholder group as VAPC National Rep and am passionate on maturing that to be an inclusive ‘one stop shop’ for veterans. If I can get RAF, Army, RN and GCHQ to share my ‘RAF’ intelligence portal I believe I can make inroads into much greater collaboration in the Military Charity and Statutary authority areas. There is a common aim, no malice; and duplication of effort and ‘not invented here’ are the enemy’s of all. Per Ardua ad Astra.

    Contact me if we can help each other.

    Are there any other VAPC members out there? Please let me know. I am interested in having a private national and regional VAPC comms forum and reference repository on the site and would welcome thoughts. Jeff


    Welcome to the Hub Jeff, good to talk yesterday


    Deep inside the heart of your baby. Love your Hero to Zero article. Lots of light bulbs happening – may become a nuisance. Lol.


    Jim McDermott
    Education & Training Expert
    Perception & Communication

    Hi ALL,
    I am looking forward to the first FiMT/VFRH on 11 October 2018. I have just finished writing up some new research on Armed Forces and Veterans and Breakfast Clubs – a relatively new support facility for veterans and hope to get it published in the Social Science Online (SRO) Journal before the year-end.

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