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    Hi, I am a war disabled pensioner, why is it that service charities, particularly the two that I have approached Royal British Legion and Army Benevolent Fund point you directly back to your unit, I was having cancer treatment and dialysis for kidney failure, my particular shift on dialysis was the evening shift 19.00hrs till 23.00hrs but depending on treatment could be as late as 01.00hrs, I need a car to get back and forth as there are no buses after 00.00hrs, I had a little ford fiesta to get back and forth, but unfortunately it needed replacing, I approached both charities for a £5000 loan as I was unemployed and it is difficult to get a loan when you are unemployed though ill health, I had worked previously to developing my condition full time since leaving the army for 25 years, both directed me back my original unit. I had supported both these charities over the years and find it disgusting that in my hour of need both charities ignored me, I will no longer support either. I didn’t want to approach my original unit as it is embarrassing as I know people working RHQ, fortunately, as luck would have it, I had a PPI claim come through enabling me to get a 2nd hand car to continue my dialysis. However, there must lots of blokes unemployed through ill health who have no access to small loans, is there anything the VFR Hub can do to speak to these charities so they can understand the position they put us in, it’s like they are taking the public’s money under false pretense.


    Hi James, sorry I have just seen this thread. The VFR Hub isn’t set up to intervene in individual matters; I would advise you to use your Regiment to make representation as they might have more influence than any individual.


    Good job it wasn’t something urgent, does no one monitor any of these threads, as it would be waste time posting anything if you wanted a fast response.


    I’m sorry you feel ignored James, but this website isn’t designed for providing advice or advocacy for individual cases/causes. The forum is open for anyone to post about anything relevant to research but does not offer a guarantee of a response. If you need a fast response to a charitable enquiry or need there are services available 24 hours a day, such as the veterans’ gateway, and online platforms where you can receive comment or advice from those who are motivated or qualified to do so.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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