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    I would like to welcome the Soldiers’ Arts Academy to the VFR Hub!

    We are hoping that some members of the Soldiers’ Arts Academy will come and introduce themselves using this thread, and we can begin some discussions about the work of the Soldiers’ Arts Academy and more widely, ask questions around what the arts might contribute to public understanding/perceptions of today’s military and veteran populations. Everyone is welcome to join in with these discussions and furthermore, if you are involved with the arts/military/veterans in some way, please share your projects/plays/ideas…

    The Soldiers’ Arts Academy allow serving and ex-serving personnel to participate in the creative and performing arts, using their skills and experience to explore military/veteran themes and issues to engage audiences.

    ‘Soldier On’ is an upcoming play and one of the Academy’s current projects. The play’s website describes the play as follows:

    “What happens when a company of ex-soldiers becomes a company of actors? A theatrical band of brothers. Although it’s not a cure all, the bonding, the humour, the theatre of war helps to put them back together again – as a company of veterans and actors rehearse a play about a company of veterans and actors. Although worlds apart, they begin to realise there are more similarities between military life and the theatre than they bargained for, building a powerful new world of their own. This is a heart warming story about surviving the forces and PTSD and what happens when you leave the military ‘family’.”

    ‘Soldier On’ is written/directed by Jonathan Guy Lewis and produced by Amanda Faber. The play is going to be touring the UK in spring 2018.

    You can find out more about the play by visiting:

    The work of the Soldiers’ Arts Academy seems really interesting and we look forward to some intriguing discussions!

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