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    Welcome to the Forum! The forum exists to allow for introductions, networking, (polite) exchange of views and observations and highlighting matters of interest. It is laid out to echo the themes of research for ease of navigation. Please register and have a look around the site before you post. If you have a direct question for the site administrators please use the contact form https://www.vfrhub.comcontact/


    Hi everyone,

    Curiosity they say killed the cat, however, it is good to be curious as I found this fantastic site by being curious. So far, I have read what others have put on here and I find it really intriguing and motivating, the reason for also writing this. I have not got much to say but I do however feel we all have a common interest which is helping the ex-service community. I work in the supported housing sector for single ex-service personnel alongside studying for my MSc in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion with Hertfordshire University. I have always had the interest of going into research to explore as well as help innovate new ways of helping veterans and their families to navigate the challenges of settling back into the civilian world in a more comfortable way, though, we do know that the majority of ex-service personnel make this transition successfully. I believe in research and academia helping us to focus our scarce resources on the main issues and challenges ranging from adjustment disorders, unemployment, homelessness, CJS to mental health issues including PTSD. Only research can help us make good use of the limited funding to which I will want to contribute. I am currently in touch with a number of academics with the view of climbing up the academic ladder to pursue PhD studies within the veteran sector. I am contactable through my email: k.kwogyenga@alabare.co.uk or kemonas13@yahoo.com or twitter @kemonas13. Many thanks.


    Hi Kenneth,

    Welcome to the VFR Hub, thanks very much for your message on this forum. This is great to hear – we’re glad you like the website as well! We would welcome your thoughts and any feedback you have as you continue to make use of the Hub. We have also noticed that you are very active on Twitter and thank you for your interaction on there too.

    Great to hear that you are looking towards PhD opportunities. It sounds as if you have lots of ideas about the areas in which you are interested. Do continue to engage with the forums and discuss your ideas with others etc…I find that most people are really interested in discussing research ideas and are willing to talk through ideas/have discussions with/offer advice to those at the beginning of their research careers!




    Hi. I’m trying to locate recent (last 3 or 4 years) comparison between how UK treats it’s veterans, and how other countries do the same.

    Can anyone help?



    Michael Almond
    Physical Health Expert

    Hi Jeff, that’s a broad topic, you may wish to refine it in line with the Hub’s themes and start here! You can refine your search further using the function on the left side of the screen by dates and target items such as ‘policy’. The Hub contains international research and access to significant Canadian literature. Good luck with this and let us know how you get on.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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