The Transition Webinar series has been developed by ASCN (New Zealand), a Not For Profit organisation in collaboration with Veterans Affairs New Zealand, the NZ Defence Force and the University of Otago. The series offers an excellent opportunity to expand knowledge of themes related to transition for veterans and families.

The Webinars in the Transition series are being presented by International Thought Leaders and Researchers from New Zealand allied countries including Canada, United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Robert Lippiatt from ASCN (NZ) will chair the Webinar series. Robert has had significant international experience chairing and facilitating Defence and Veterans Forums.

Each Webinar covers key issues and insights on Military Veteran Transition and post service life gained through research and other ongoing work with military members, veterans and their families in the relevant country.

Upcoming Webinars are listed on the Hub’s events calendar when details become available.

There is also a facility now available for you to see recordings of webinars that have already taken place. For links to recordings of webinars, click here. This is also helpful for those living in different time zones across the world for whom attending the webinars live may not be feasible.

Upcoming Webinar:

4th/5th May, time zone depending Transition Webinar: Post 9/11 U.S. Veterans. Understanding What Works Inside the Black Box of Veteran Programs and Services in terms of Well-Being