This post is a re-blogged except from a recent post by Nick Caddick on the War and Narrative blog.

Declassified – a review

What’s the purpose of a war story? To entertain? Inspire? Instruct? Shock? Warn? What effect does a war story have on those who listen to and consume it? How should we respond to a war story? These are questions I’ve written about recently, and ones I come back to with renewed energy when listening to Michael Coates’ thought-provoking new podcast ‘Declassified’. A former firefighter and former soldier, Coates began documenting stories from the military and veteran community as a means to ‘provide hope, guidance, support and help for individuals who are suffering from both mental and physical illness or injury.’

The effect war has on veterans’ mental health is a major feature of the series, which so far includes ten interviews with individuals featuring a variety of pre, during, and post-military experiences. The series also includes one important and upsetting conversation with a wife (herself a former soldier) discussing the intensely stressful impact of deployment for families and children, and one particularly haunting interview with the parents of a soldier who died by suicide. (War and Narrative Blog, Sep 19 2018)

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