A New Coalition for a Challenging Battlefield: Military and Veteran Health Research


This volume brings together research presented at the 2011 CMVHR (Canadian Military Veteran Health Research) Forum.


Following a foreword from The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs, and a Preface from the Chairman of CDA Press, Colonel Bernd Horn, this volume has opening remarks from Rear-Admiral Andrew Smith, the Chief of Military Personnel (CMP), discussing the CF personnel management strategic model and the impact of research; Commodore H.W. Jung, the Surgeon General of the CF and Commander of CFHS, stresses the importance of understanding the uniqueness of the profession of arms; Suzanne Tining, the Deputy Minister of VAC, concludes this section by discussing research at VAC. These openers lay the groundwork for the research presented in this volume and offer an excellent glimpse into current research on military and veteran health. The remainder of this volume is arranged into four sections: Mental Health, Physical Health, Novel Technologies and Transitions. This unique multidisciplinary arrangement provides a clear guide to the various areas of research which have been, and are currently being, explored within the subject area of military health.

Full Reference

Belanger, S.A.H., and Aiken, A.B. ed. 2012 "A New Coalition for a Challenging Battlefield", Canadian Military and Veteran Health Research, Canadian Defence Academy Press.