AFF 2013 Geographically Dispersed Families Report


The Army Families Federation (AFF) sponsored this 2013 report into the unique issues faced by Army families who choose not to live in Service accommodation.




AFF has long been concerned about how little is known of the experience of families choosing not to live in Service Family Accommodation (SFA). As an organisation we try hard to reach this community through our website and the Army & You magazine, as we continue to broaden our reach. The families interviewed in this report had all made the move from SFA and therefore were ideally placed to assess and compare the support available. In addition they were able to provide useful insight into what level of assistance should be available to them. This report proves that it is not right to assume that all those who have left SFA have actively chosen to withdraw from the military community. Their needs might not be the same as those in SFA but families clearly still desire to be able to access good support when it is needed and to feel part of the military community. How and when that support is delivered appears to vary between individuals, with some wanting a higher level of involvement of the military in their lives than others. From this report AFF makes the following recommendations: 1) •Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) provides an opt in/out box so that families can choose if they wish the Army to contact them or not•. 2) That on leaving the SFA system the family are provided with options of support. 3)• To develop an online welfare hub that allows the family to navigate access to impartial welfare support and information.

Full Reference

Army Families Federation, 2013 [Online]. Geographically Dispersed Families Report. Available at: [Accessed: 12.09.17]