Delivering the Armed Forces Covenant Locally

May, 2019

This report highlights the action that UK councils and their partners are taking to deliver the objectives of the Armed Forces Covenant and the important part that the Covenant Fund is playing in supporting that action. It provides examples of good practice and evidence of the steps that councils are taking to ensure that members of the Armed Forces Community are treated fairly and do not suffer disadvantage as a result of their service. The research demonstrates that without receiving Covenant Fund grants the projects would not have been delivered to the same scale, and the value of the action in each area would not have been achieved. It highlights the wealth of resources that have been developed and which can be used by those councils which are less advanced in the development of actions to help deliver the Armed Forces Covenant.


This report builds on our previous research into local government and the Covenant which culminated in the report, Our Community - Our Covenant. It adds to the growing body of research on action that councils and their partners are taking to ensure that members of the Armed Force Community are not disadvantaged when accessing their services. This growing body of research is beginning to craft a picture of the impact of the Covenant on the Armed Forces Community, but more evidence of impact is needed in order to demonstrate this more effectively.

Full Reference

Shared Intelligence, 2019. Delivering the Armed Forces Covenant Locally. Final report. Available at: <>.

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