Developing a Model of the Restorative Approaches Veteran Family Service

December, 2021

This report details the development and implementation of the Restorative Approaches Veteran Family Service Model (RAVFS). Then, a secondary study tested the feasibility of the impact of the RAVFS Model on veterans and their families.


The Veterans NHS Wales (VNHSW) service has been providing a psychological support service for veterans in Wales with Service-related mental illnesses for over 10 years. While VNHSW therapists recognised that providing support for veteran families was likely to complement the therapy provided, the service lacked the resources to offer such support. TGP Cymru, a charity working with children, young people and families in Wales have been delivering family services for many years. When providing this support TGP Cymru employ a Restorative Approach (RA), an ethos and process that addresses problems and conflicts in communities and groups by focusing on repairing, building, and maintaining relationships, as a service delivery framework. To date, a Restorative Approach has proved effective in varied settings but is little explored in family contexts. In collaboration with VNHSW, TGP Cymru developed and implemented a new service: the Restorative Approach Veterans Family Service (RAVFS). RAVFS provides a restorative family support service to VNHSW veterans and their families with the intent of having an additional positive impact on veteran mental health by improving family relationships.

Full Reference

Cascade and Cardiff University, 2021. Developing a Model of the Restorative Approaches Veteran Family Service. Report produced for the Forces in Mind Trust.

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