Fact sheet ‘Decorations’ for Dutch Veterans


Decorations are awards and honours given for outstanding services and achievements. Granting decorations is a long-standing phenomenon in Western culture. The Romans had an honours system, as too did religious orders, royal houses and republics later on. Some decorations are therefore part of an ancient tradition. The same also applies to a number of military decorations.


Recipients of decorations see them as tangible and personal proof of outstanding services or achievements. This is true not only of service personnel. Civilians, who usually receive their decorations through the King’s birthday honours list prior to King’s Day, feel the same way. Apart from serving as recognition of services or achievements, a decoration can also reflect a public show of appreciation for the commitment shown and sacrifices made. In the case of military decorations, these are not only a mark of appreciation by the employer and principal, the Ministry of Defence and the government, but also implicit appreciation by Dutch society.

Full Reference

Veteraneninstituut, 2014. Decorations. Fact sheet.