Getting Transition Right in Scotland: Housing – Making a Home in Civilian Society


This report explores housing decisions as part of military to civilian transition for Scottish veterans.


It is estimated that of the current veterans population of around 250,000 living in Scotland, around 100,000 are presently of working age, with up to another 1,800 individuals a year (plus their partners and families) joining those numbers. Although, longer term overall numbers of veterans are projected to decline, the age profile is clearly changing. Currently, the average age of a Service leaver in the Army is twenty nine years old and in the next 10 years we expect to move to a situation where nearly half of all our veterans are of working age and on transitioning will need to make a home in civilian society.

Full Reference

Scottish Veterans Commissioner, 2021. Positive Futures, Getting Transition Right in Scotland. Housing: Making a Home in Civilian Society.