Institutional Behaviour and Post-Release Outcomes for Veteran Men Offenders

December, 2020

This ‘Research at a glance’ provides a summary of research that focuses on Canadian veterans and adds to knowledge about veteran offenders by providing an examination of their institutional behaviour and post-release experiences. The full report is available here.


The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2012 in order to improve mental health and other health services for federal veteran offenders, to collaborate on ways to enhance staff knowledge in the area of mental health, and to share learning and strategies for building effective government and community partnerships. One objective of this partnership was to explore research projects of mutual benefit, with a focus on incarcerated veterans with mental health needs. This report adds to our knowledge about Canadian federal veteran offenders by providing a comprehensive examination of their institutional behaviour and post-release experiences.

Full Reference

Farrell MacDonald, S., & Cram, S. Institutional behaviour and post-release outcomes for veteran offenders (Research Report R-435). Research at a glance summary. Ottaw a, Ontario: Correctional Service of Canada.

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