Lifting Our Sights Beyond 2030

May, 2021

This report explores the impact of future trends on the transition of Service personnel and families from military to civilian life.


This report strives to shine a light on the changing nature of UK society, and identify the trends that are likely to be most relevant to those members of the Armed Forces who will undergo transition over the next decade. As the UK adapts to the realities of a post-Covid, post-Brexit world, what will the realities of the economic, social and political shifts be, and how will they impact the Armed Forces, their role, their purpose and their place in the national consciousness? Furthermore, as society changes and the nature of military service evolves, what is the best way to support transitioning Service men and women so that they can continue to make active and positive contributions to society? What changes to current policy should be made to facilitate this, how should these be delivered and what will be the impact on the lives of transitioning personnel and their families?

Full Reference

Future Agenda and Forces in Mind Trust, 2021. Lifting Our Sights 2030.

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