Netherlands policy document on veterans 2015-2016


This document outlines policy measures resulting from the Veterans’ Decree in the Netherlands.


The Ministry of Defence supports the provision of first-rate care for veterans and is committed to ensuring it is provided. At the same time, it sometimes appears that the Ministry of Defence is not doing enough for the veterans in need of help, e.g. as a result of reports on compensation claims. This situation requires clarification. Alongside a well-developed care system with an increasingly wide range of care services on offer, the Ministry of Defence has a benefits system for veterans who have found themselves in difficulties as a result of their deployments. The policy regarding non-material care (care institutions) and material care (benefits) is aimed at enabling veterans to participate fully in society as quickly as possible.

Full Reference

Veteraneninstituut, 2015. 2015-2016 Policy Document on Veterans.