Stories & Insights


This insight report is related to the ‘Melbourne Legacy’s Young Veteran’s Project 2018: Transition Insights from post-1991 veterans and their families’.

The report is from ShoutOUT, which provides a safe environment where veterans and their families can share their closely guarded stories. While there is more to be done, these personal insights add a fresh perspective to the challenges they face, and will assist in developing better policies for future generations of veterans and their families.


This report is the outcome of a special collaboration with the veteran community that commenced in February 2018. Focusing on collecting stories of members of the post-1991 veteran community, ShoutOUT was created as a grassroots campaign to establish a new perspective and offer insights to help ex-service organisations (ESOs) prioritise their efforts and close the gaps on the needs of post-1991 veterans and their families.

Full Reference

Schroffel, M. and Dyball, T., 2018. Stories & Insights. Melbourne Legacy's Young Veteran's Project 2018: Transition insights from post-1991 veterans and their families. Final report for ShoutOUT. Available at: <https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/ad86d0_6b3e0ea4c82a4928823887f5ac371ada.pdf>.