The Association Between Time Incarcerated and the Search for Employment in a Veteran Sample with Substance Use Disorders


This article explores the impact of incarceration and substance use disorders/mental illness on finding employment, including at what point in the job search process incarceration might have an impact.


Incarceration and substance use disorders/mental illness can have a significant negative impact on finding employment. However, it is unclear in what phase of the search for employment, that is, applying for jobs, obtaining interviews, being offered employment, does time incarcerated have the most effect. This study will determine how time incarcerated in the past 10 years is associated with negative job search process outcomes. Overall, the findings demonstrate the ex-offenders enrolled exhibited similar effort in searching for employment across time incarcerated. Also, employers are equally likely to hire those with felony histories, regardless of the time incarcerated, once the applicant has been met and interviewed. The results highlight the need for services focusing on breaking down stigma and reducing barriers that screen out ex-offenders from being interviewed by employers.

Full Reference

LePage, J. P., Crawford, A. M., & Philippe, M., 2018. The association between time incarcerated and the search for employment in a veteran sample with substance use disorders. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Advance online publication.