Understanding Service Leavers Aged 50+

April, 2020

This report explores the experiences of Service leavers, including their challenges and experiences in the  civilian jobs market, who are over 50 years old.


The project was funded by Forces in Mind Trust. The project explored the experiences of Service leavers of all ranks transitioning out of the Armed Forces at or after the age of 50 (referred to henceforth as 50+ Service leavers) and searching for work in the civilian job market. Discussions were held with 50+ Service leavers (both currently transitioning and those who had completed the process) and employers. Through a series of interviews and workshops, the project investigated 50+ Service leavers’ experiences of and attitudes towards transition. In addition, it revealed examples of good practices being undertaken by employers and the perspectives of managers who engaged with 50+ Service leavers in civilian employment.

Full Reference

Officers' Association, 2020. Understanding Service leavers aged 50+. Available at: <>.

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