Understanding the Needs of Veterans with PTSD

August, 2018

This paper gives an overview of what we know about UK veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder.


Each year significant numbers of individuals leave military service. The majority successfully transition into civilian life, but a significant minority leave the military either with a diagnosis of PTSD, or go on to report symptoms in later life. Prevalence rates of PTSD in military populations have been extensively studied since the deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, with data suggesting high rates (in some cases up to 20%) in those who served in these conflicts. There is also evidence that, with the passage of time since individuals return from deployment, rates of PTSD increase. PTSD has been shown to create a higher financial burden to society than other mental health conditions in veterans.

Full Reference

Murphy D, Busuttil W, Turgoose D. Understanding the needs of veterans with PTSD. Healthcare 2018; 6(100): doi:10.3390/healthcare6030100.

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