The FiMT Research Centre is a UK-based facility for easy access to UK and international research on veterans and their families

It is funded by FiMT and is part of the Veterans & Families Institute for Military Social Research at Anglia Ruskin University. The Centre will provide a research-enabling and production facility that will develop and strengthen links between the academic community, government organisations, statutory and voluntary service providers, the media and the public, including the whole Armed Forces Community. It will engage academic and other research resources to facilitate effective knowledge exchange of relevant content, at a level and in a medium appropriate to the user.


In enabling the above purpose, the Centre will contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Better informed public; Armed Forces community, politicians, policy makers and media
  • The underpinning of relevant policy and service provision by research
  • A stronger and more coherent network of academic partners
  • Improved networking and knowledge sharing among participants
  • A more coherent understanding of research coverage and gaps
  • Recognition of excellence in research
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The Centre also manages the Veterans and Families Research (VFR) Hub, a newly-launched, easily- searchable and free-to-use online resource that will deliver a contemporary and authoritative source of UK and international research-related information on military veterans and their families.


The Centre provides advice and support to charities and others who are engaged in or have an interest in research relevant to ex-Service personnel and their families



The Centre will produce fresh research into key issues facing ex-Service personnel and their families to aid understanding and improve policy and service delivery

Forces in Mind Trust Research Centre Conference

This annual conference provides an excellent opportunity to hear from and network with those working to support veterans and their families.