The new Finance Snapshot from the FiMT Research Centre is out now to read, as well as the Bullets summary of headline facts and figures.

This Snapshot summarises financial issues affecting military personnel and veterans who are serving or have served in the full-time UK ‘Regular’ Armed Forces (AF) (except where stated as also applicable to members of the Reserve Forces), as well as their immediate families. It also covers related financial topics including access to housing, and education and training; and provides an overview of policy on these and other financial support packages (including social security benefits) available to serving AF personnel, veterans and their families, presenting research evidence where available online.

Snapshots are designed to aid understanding of complex issues in relation to the Armed Forces (AF), and to support decision-making processes by bridging gaps between academic research, government and charitable policy, service provision and public opinion. Snapshots are aimed primarily at those working in policy-making and service provision roles for the AF, and might also be useful to those seeking facts, figures, and informed comment to empower a more objective discussion among the wider population, including the AF community and the media. The purpose of these Snapshots is to review and interpret research and policy, and to set out brief, plain language summaries to ease understanding and perception. The Forces in Mind Trust Research Centre has produced a range of Snapshots covering many of the main themes and topics relating to the AF, veteran, and families community; and this one covers financial issues.