Rates of ex-forces personnel back in employment or education within 6 months of leaving service reach 88%.

Employment rates of ex-service personnel have risen, according to new figures released this week by the Ministry of Defence. Figures reveal 88% are either back in employment, education, or volunteer work within 6 months of transitioning back into civilian life, following support from the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership (CTP).

In 2017/18, the employment rates of ex-forces personnel who leave service early – after four years or less – increased from 79% to 83%, thanks to the Future Horizons program, which provides a bespoke service to early leavers.

Ex-service personnel are just as likely to be employed as the general population, according to new figures published by the Ministry of Defence which show that the employment rate among veterans are recorded at 79% in line with the national average.

The new figures analyse the employment outcomes for those who have received support from the CTP, which provides career guidance through a range of career and employment support services including skills development workshops, vocational training courses, career consultancy, one-to-one sessions and job finding support.

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