Michael Mellon suffered a serious injury while playing rugby for the RAF, but has battled back to compete at two Invictus Games.

Michael Mellon lost his leg after playing rugby for the RAF believes his passion for sport has helped him recover from the devastating injury.

In 2001, Michael Mellon suffered a compact fracture while playing for the RAF in a match that changed his life forever. After 12 operations in as many years, Mellon made the decision in 2013 to have his leg amputated.

Since then, he has competed at two Invictus Games and has recently started coaching the Kirkcaldy U14s team. He said: “I would say that was one of the toughest decisions in my life I have ever had to make. I have been in pain for years and I went to see the consultant up in Dundee on several occasions. (Forces Network News, 19th March 2019)

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