Forum Takeover with Nick Wood 22nd Feb – Welcome and Instructions

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    The FiMT Research Centre will host their first forum takeover on the 22nd Feb with host Nick Wood. You are invited to join us for this pre-conference live event on the theme of Transition of Service People and Families.

    Nick will be live on the Hub answering questions between 13.30-14.15, with the forum remaining open afterwards for further comments and discussion. Conference speakers and Forces in Mind Trust Research Centre staff will also be attending so join us for a stimulating and interactive session on everything to do with this important field.

    *An opportunity to ask questions of a key expert
    *Meet other conference attendees prior to the main March conference

    Please note that you need to be a registered Hub user and logged in to post on the Forum. Register on the Hub beforehand.

    Event Top Tips:
    Register on the Hub beforehand.
    On the day, please log in to post on the Forum.
    You will need to refresh the page regularly to see updates.

    Register for the event, to keep up to date with the latest information in the lead up to the 22nd Feb.

    We look forward to welcoming you to this event,

    Ther Forces in Mind Trust Research Centre


    Looking forward to this event with Nick.


    Hi Chantal,

    Yes, me too. I have attended Nick’s Military Human course so I am looking forward to reading about his perspective on transition more generally.


    Where does the event actually appear please


    Hi James Stuart,

    Within this forum where you are – from 1.30 there will be more live Q+A with posts from Nick. You are invited to post questions/comment etc as well. We hope to get some discussion going around what Nick has posted.

    If you look through the posts already up, Nick has started with a welcome message and insight into his own transition: https://www.vfrhub.comforum/theme/forum-takeover/



    Looking forward to the chat


    Likewise, exchange of opinion and thought is central to growing understanding



    In advance of this afternoons forum I thought I’d share with you some initial thoughts around transition and my military human CPD concept.

    Why Transition Matters.

    The subject of ‘transition’ and life after the military has drawn much debate on a national and international level for many years with Lord Ashcroft’s (2014) ‘Veterans Transitions Review’ exploring the journey from a ‘military’ to ‘civilian life’, and the structures around the Armed Forces Covenant, the document is viewed as a definitive publication and refenced regularly.

    In his ‘why transition matters’ section Lord Ashcroft states that ‘On joining, young volunteers adopt an ethos of selfless service, a lifestyle far removed from that of the civilian, ready to go wherever they are ordered, totally committed to the task in hand, and ultimately prepared to give their lives for their team and their mission’.

    This is powerful message which suggests that military life is in fact very different to civilian life, its not a job but a lifestyle, and that it requires young recruits to adapt, and adopt to an environment and organisation that will influence the development stages of a young recruit. To explain some of my thoughts around the military journey and transition I wrote a short blog article for the FIMT Lifting our sights research project. I’ve dropped the link here in preparation for this afternoon. I’m very much looking forward to chatting and hope you find my thoughts interesting.



    Thank you. So no live stream video link as such. I thought I was missing something.

    So I will simply read the material here and ask questions as necessary.


    Good afternoon to you all and thank you for joining me on the forum today, and thank you to the VFR team for allowing me to share my work with you all. As you can see I’ve already started putting responses in so will start in question order from the associated page. Hope you enjoy reading my work.



    Exactly James. Please feel free to post whatever question you like to Nick here or in a new thread.


    Hi James, this is a first go at focussed chat; we’ll move onto live video chats as we progress.


    I’ll add the next question Q3:

    Q3 – What makes a good academic in this military/veterans/families research world?


    I’d like to respond to Jeff Spencer’s questions under the Question 4 section but will separate them into 3 sections.


    I think personal experience in serving with the Military is paramount for any type of research in to the transition from Military to Civilian

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