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    A space to post items & info pertaining to the above


    Good idea, Graham, I’ve pinned this thread to the front of the Hub…


    Thank you! I sent the link to those at the recent meeting (Darryl and our own Mike): was a tasker I took on.


    Thanks for adding this thread, Graham. Military-connected students are an underrepresented segment of higher education who may face unique challenges in the pursuit of a post-military degree, program, or certification. I look forward to exchanging ideas. Moreover, if there are institutions that are looking to explore this phenomenon and develop a specially tailored military-connected student support framework, I encourage them to reach out to me.


    Michael Almond
    Physical Health Expert

    Dear All here are some of my thoughts on why a university should develop a uniformed or military friendly campus, please dissect it.

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    Thanks for opening this up, at YSJU we’re looking closely at this as I have been made aware of and supported a number of veteran students with their studies. Thanks Mike for your guidance much appreciated


    Military-connected students face identity challenges when moving into higher education where they may experience amplified social isolation as a result of their, simultaneous, mature-student status. Furthermore, the heterogeneity of this population may contribute to additional integration challenges. While higher education is an individual pursuit of a goal, the social aspect of campus-life significantly contributes to student well-being. I wonder how institutions are addressing this aspect of military-connected student support?


    This is a good point Darryl. Moreover, in the current COVID climate, this might be a huge concern for the wider student body in any HE (or pan-educational) environment, and particularly the veterans/reservist community who are, or were, enculturated into a highly socialised form of life and work.

    The current situation will have fast-forwarded the evolving ‘flipped classroom’ move (there must be swathes of research on this already, if not in development), so this has to be a focus.


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