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    Hi Jim

    I will be at the FiMT. Happy to chat. I am a veteran, member of SW VAPC, and deal with Veterans Gateway for VAPC. I recently attended my first breakfast and would like to share views.



    It is interesting to read your blog post and I am going to share it with my friends.

    Herbew Fentos


    Thank you.


    Hi All

    My name is Paul Watson. I am ex Armed forces, serving for six years between 96′ and 03′ and served in Bosnia and Kosovo. I was also a pads ‘BRAT’ up until the day I joined.

    I am a children’s mental health nurse, and a specialist community public health nurse – school nurse, and was the school nurse for Catterick Garrison for a period of time.

    I am currently a PhD candidate within the Northern Veteran and Families Hub at Northumbria University. My research is on young carers of veterans with mental health issues, and how caring the effects the young carers activities of daily living.

    I am keen to support the growth and development of research and policy for military and veteran children, young people and young carers, as this is currently lacking within the UK.

    Please feel free to contact me if I could be of any assistance regarding military and veteran children, young people and young carers –


    Hi Paul, Welcome aboard. I hope you find the site useful – looking forward to continued discussions.


    My name is Dominic Aldington. Many years ago I spent 6 years in the Honourable Artillery Company before studying medicine and becoming a doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps for 24 years. Although a consultant anaesthetist my interest was “pain” and I started the Pain Clinic at DMRC Headley Court and became the Subject Matter Expert in Pain to the Surgeon General.
    I now work in the NHS as a consultant in pain medicine and am a member of the medical advisory committee for COBSEO. I am also involved in some pain services for veterans. I am currently the vice chairman for the IASP special interest group for the pain of torture, organised violence and war.


    Hi Dominic, welcome on board! I hope that you find the Hub useful; have a look around and let us know what you think and please feel free to spread the word.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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